An independent management boutique

Our company is made up of a small team of experienced professionals, totally dedicated to customer satisfaction and to the protection of their assets. The capital of the company is entirely owned by its directors. This independence allows us to work solely in the interest of our clients by always choosing the most suitable partners or products.

Alpha Patrimoine : an experienced team

Our dynamic team is made up of 8 experienced specialists who each have a minimum of 15 years in the financial sector.
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A common philosophy           

The original idea behind the creation of Alpha Patrimoine and that continues to motivate all of our colleagues, was the need to offer an alternative to the standardisation of the management offerings from large companies. We wish to offer our clients a high-quality service that will be measured by personal relationships and effective asset management at a fair price
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Specialised in bond management                                           

The evolution of the interest rate markets governs that of all other asset classes. Analysis and understanding of the bond markets are a precursor to any investment decision in our company, contrary to other companies who consider that the low nominal rates make this a valueless market.

A serious company active in a safe environment

Alpha Patrimoine is a totally independent asset management company, with no links to any financial group and whose share capital is entirely owned by its administrators. This allows us the freedom to act entirely in your interest !

Compliance / Complaints Management

Alpha Patrimoine S.A. makes available the following documents which can be obtained on request at the email address :

  • Policy on Compensation
  • Management of complaints
General Data Protection Regulation

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