Discretionary mandate

The main activity of Alpha Patrimoine S.A. is the management of private assets through discretionary mandates. As an independent management company known and registered with the majority of the large depositary banks in the Luxembourg financial center, Alpha Patrimoine is also able to exercise its mandates on assets deposited abroad (within the European Union and in Canada) with or without an insurance wrapper.

  • Custom management

We maintain close, long-term relationships with our clients. We also understand the need for some of our clients to receive management services that take into account certain particularities that are specific to them (for example, holding “Private Equity” participation). We are able to adapt our collective management to these particularities, or to develop portfolio management that is completely customised. 

This customised approach also characterises our bond management offerings. Bonds remain an essential asset class for asset management, particularly when dealing with private assets. We propose investment solutions in direct lines, which allow the client to build portfolios that respond to different constraints or objectives.

  • Collective management

We offer collective management according to 3 risk profiles (Secure, Balanced, Dynamic). We implement asset allocation through investment funds (our own or third party), ETFs and structured products. The investment style of this collective management is decidedly oriented towards “value investing”, maintaining the search for stable returns as a priority. We use it according to a “Core-Satellite” approach in which the “Core” is a fixed portfolio fund that guarantees a minimum investment in all market circumstances, and the “Satellite” is used as a risk adjustment slider.

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