We want to offer high-quality asset management services, based on the following 3 principles :

  • Personalised relationships : we wish to keep a human dimension which leaves us enough time to know and serve our clients efficiently

  • Effective management : this means delivering results that match clear objectives

  • Fair prices : our small size allows us to avoid high structural costs. Our independence allows us to work in the sole interest of the client

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“Thought by Michaël C. Jensen (1968), the Alpha is a measure allowing the calculation of outperformance of an investment compared to a theoretical return […]. Therefore the Alpha shows the capacity of a manager to bring value. The more important the Alpha is, the better the management of the investor is supposed to be.” 

“The Alpha measures the outperformance of a portfolio, a stock or a security compared to its theoretical performance […]. It is a measure of the capacity of a manager to create value for his clients, by being able to detect the securities or the stocks that yield more than they should considering their risk and for a given period.”


Managing private assets is the basis for each of our services, either through discretionary mandates or through the management of investment funds.

This strong relationship between our management activities and the existence of private assets inevitably influences our approach to asset management and our investment policies, in such a way that capital preservation stands out as an absolute priority

Every day, our goal is to increase the value of our clients’ assets, using a reasoned approach in which risk control and investment decisions that match the profile of our clients are of the utmost importance.

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