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Bernard MATHOT

Managing director

Bernard Mathot is the founder of Alpha Patrimoine S.A. Today he oversees the management of the company and is responsible for Compliance.
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Managing director

André is a director of Alpha Patrimoine, responsible for Human Resources and involved in the daily portfolio management.
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François Berthet

Partner - Head of Management

François has been active in the financial sector since 1998. He holds a Master's degree in Finance and is a “Chartered EFFAS Financial Analyst”.
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Stéphane HANOT

Commercial director

Stéphane oversees the commercial development of the company.
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Gauthier HENIN

Administrative and Financial Director

Gauthier oversees the administrative and financial positions within the company. He is also involved in the “Family Office” activity of Alpha Patrimoine.
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Responsible for investments

Michaël oversees the management and the development of investments under mandate.
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Thierry Van Mons


He joined Alpha Patrimoine in 2019 to support the growth of the private wealth management business.
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Suzanne ROLLET

Responsible for the development on the European market

Suzanne oversees the customer relationships and management.
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Ronnie BRUHL

Responsible for the Middle Office

Ronnie oversees all the transactional activity linked to our management services and is also involved in risk management activities.
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Valérie KERGER

Middle Office & Compliance Officer

Valérie est en charge de toute tâche administrative liée à l'extension du business d'Alpha Patrimoine, au suivi Compliance et Middle Office.


Compliance Officer

Caroline est en charge de l'aspect conformité de la société et des relations avec les autorités financières.
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Portfolio Manager

Lucas est en charge de l'activité de sélection de fonds et de la gestion quotidienne des stratégies d'allocation.

Christophe ZELLER


Christophe a rejoint Alpha Patrimoine en 2019 afin de développer la croissance de l'activité de gestion de patrimoines privés.

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