• This innovative multiclass asset investment opportunity follows a quantitative approach based on the “price momentum”.
  • Its investment goal is to deliver a positive result on any minimum holding period of 2 years
  • The assets can be invested in the 4 main asset classes (stocks, bonds, listed property and cash) and exclusively through ETFs.
  • Investment decisions are automated and are made on a monthly basis. This management is not linked to any “benchmark”, the reference currency of the sub-fund is the euro and the currency risk is systematically covered.
  • The Net Asset Value is calculated on a weekly basis.

Please read the warning here-below before continuing to browse.

This fund is a sub-fund of SICAV-SIF ALPHA PATRIMOINE FLAGSHIP FUND in which ALPHA PATRIMOINE S.A. acts as a manager. This fund is governed by the modified law of 13 February 2007 on Specialised Investment Funds of which a copy of the coordinated version is available on the website of the Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier ( This law restricts access to Specialised Investment Funds to the persons or entities who match the definition of a well-informed investor.

A well-informed investor, in the eyes of the law, is considered to be an institutional investor, a professional investor as well as any other investor matching the following conditions :
a) he/she has declared in writing his/her adhesion to the status of well-informed investor, and
b) (i) he/she invests a minimum of €125,000 in the specialised investment fund, or 
(ii) he/she has received an approval from a credit institution as defined in the directive 2006/48/EC, or from an investment company as defined in the directive 2004/39/EC or from a management company as defined in the “directive 2009/65/EC” 5 certifying his/her expertise, experience and knowledge to adequately assess the investment made in the specialised investment fund.


The documents available on our website are there for the purposes of information ONLY. These documents are in no way to be considered as an invitation on behalf of the Fund or on behalf of ALPHA PATRIMOINE S.A. to the investors. The investors who are considered as well-informed may not subscribe unless they have expressly declared their status of well-informed investor and determined whether, on the basis of the prospectus (endorsed by the CSSF), the proposed investment matches their risk profile, their investment horizon, their financial strength and any other constraints. Please refer to the prospectus and the modified law of 13 February 2007, before any decision to invest in this SICAV-SIF which is in no way intended for the general public. Any subscription must be made with the fund administrator who has the power to refuse any subscription that is non-compliant. The well-informed clients must use the subscription forms published by the fund administrator.

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